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Cocktail Design

Custom Crafted Cocktails to complete your day or special occasion. Maybe you want to impress your guests with the best bar set up around? Our craft spirits and talented mixology department will stun your tastebuds.

Design the event of your dreams with our bar and event design team. Customized themes and consultation available. 

Just looking to stock up on your home bar needs?Located right in the center of downtown Asheville, Cultivated Cocktails can provide all your bar and cocktail needs.

We can design your bar, your cocktails, and create an entire experience for your imbibing needs. 


All designs are custom, and therefore require a free consultation to assess your needs and how we can best assist you. Call or email us today to schedule a time to start creating your perfect craft cocktail experience. 

Sweet Pea Cocktail _1.5oz Hwy 9 gin_.5oz